I Am Canadian!

Today is Canada Day.  July 1st is a pretty special day for those of us in the great white north.  While we’re usually quite understated, today is the one day we’re quite proud to let the rest of the world know we’re Canadian.

I’ve lived almost my entire life in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  On Canada Day, there’s no other place you’d rather be.  Hundreds of thousands of people descend on Parliament Hill and the downtown core to celebrate with music, dancing, festivals, comedians, parades, air shows and yes, even a beer or two.

Unfortunately this year I’m not in Ottawa to celebrate.  Instead, I’m in Lake Placid, NY training for my upcoming Ironman triathlon.  It’s a beautiful place, but it’s not Ottawa on Canada Day.  However, as I was walking the main street in Lake Placid today I saw a number of Canadians identified by their shirts, hats or even temporary tattoos.  With some I exchanged an enthusiastic “Happy Canada Day”, but with most we simply smiled and gave a little nod.  It was our understated way of acknowledging that it’s pretty amazing to be Canadian.

Since I’m missing the festivities in Ottawa today I decided to watch a classic commercial.  It always puts a smile on my face and makes me proud to be Canadian.  I’m sharing it with you below.  Enjoy.

And to all my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day!


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  3. Daniel Albarrán |

    Hi, every country has its pride, a silly thing because any person could develop a pride no matter where he was born. But I think in some places and times, that pride is more justified, like being Canadian instead of Mexican. Mexico is a bautiful place, with marvelous people (like anywhere else) but there are so many wrong things in my country, so much poverty, violence and suffering. Wish my country were more peaceful, prosperous and civilized, as yours.

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