How To Live With A Sense Of Wonder

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. ~Albert Einstein

Have you lost your sense of wonder?  As adults, it can prove challenging to marvel at our day-to-day lives.  The awe and amazement we once felt for the world around us has been replaced with busy schedules, deadlines, work and other responsibilities.  But it is possible to renew your sense of wonder and see the magnificence of the world around us.

9 ways to help you live with a sense of wonder:

1. Experience nature. Whether you are observing wildlife, watching trees blow in the wind, feeling the cool flowing water of a river on your feet, or laying on the soft grass as you stare up at the stars, there is probably no better way to experience a sense of wonder than by spending time in nature.

2. Spend time with children. My son just turned 7 weeks old and he’s already taught me that you can experience wonder in even the most ordinary of circumstances.  I sit in amazement when his eyes grow wide watching something as simple as the way a curtain blows gently in the wind.  Children naturally approach life with a sense of wonder.  To them, everything is new and exciting.  Spend time with children and be reminded that as familiar as your world may seem, there is always something to wonder at.

3. Notice the little things. You don’t have to wait for major life events to rediscover your sense of wonder.  As any child would agree, the beautiful colors on the back of a beetle crawling across your lawn can be just as awe inspiring as Niagara Falls.  A sunset, a flower blowing in a gentle breeze, a beautiful building, or even the way a strand of hair falls across a loved ones face are all worthy of our attention.  There is wonder all around you, but you must make the effort to notice it.

4. Eat. One of the greatest pleasures in life is food.  Practice mindful eating and savor your food.  When you take the time to truly experience the food you eat it’s hard not to wonder at the tastes, smells, colors and textures it has to offer.

5. Meditate. Stress, distractions and the fast pace of life can clutter our minds and contribute to a lost sense of wonder.  Learn to meditate and calm your busy mind.  By doing so you’ll be better able to see through the chaos of day-to-day life and wonder at the world around you.

6. Explore the world. If you’ve traveled to a new part of the world you’ve probably been amazed at the culture, colors, art and people?  Travel is a great way to rediscover your sense of wonder, but you don’t have to go to far off and exotic places.  You can travel to new places within your city.  Follow in the footsteps of tourists and rediscover your hometown from their perspective, take a walk in a park you’ve never explored, or visit the ethnic areas of your city such as Chinatown or Little Italy.  The world just outside your door is much larger and more wonderful than you can possibly imagine.

7. Become a life long student. When we take time to learn, we discover just how amazing our world and the people in it can be.  But being a lifelong student doesn’t mean taking forty years to complete your university degree.  Learn through books, online research, attending lectures, taking community classes or talking with the people in your life.

8. Discover your body. As a new father I’m in awe at how my wife and I were able to create such a perfect little human being.  But we don’t have to wait for the birth of a child to experience the wonder of the human body.  Play sports, practice yoga, exercise or simply walk.  Being active gives you the opportunity to discover your body and appreciate what a truly incredible machine it is.

9. Create. Write, paint, act, dance, make music, or learn a craft.  Artists and artisans know that pursuing their art is one of the best ways to cultivate a sense of wonder in your life.  Art encourages you to push the envelope and explore beyond what your already know.  Don’t’ consider yourself an artist?  The Artists Way is an online creativity workshop that provides an easy to follow process for discovering the artist within you.

How do you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life?




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  1. I love this list Jason. One of things I do to keep wonder alive in my life is a couple times a month I let myself stay up really, really late. Not partying or watching tv! I’ll go sit on the back porch or in the back yard all by myself while everyone else is sleeping and just listen to the night sounds.

    For me there is a deep serenity that falls over the earth during the hours after dusk and before dawn. It always hits my reset button and leaves me in awe of the world we live in. Beautiful post!

    • Jason Billows |

      That’s a great way to cultivate a sense of wonder.

      I know what you mean about a deep serenity that falls over the earth during those late hours. I even find that in the heart of the city. I live close to the financial district and always love walking the quiet streets that I know were filled with thousands of people just hours before. Even the cold concrete, steel and glass buildings look beautiful to me.

    • Is that really all there is to it baecsue that’d be flabbergasting.

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