It’s a boy!

I have a son!  Caelan Ellwood Billows, was born at 1:01 AM on Friday, April 8th.  My wife, Tracy, and Caelan, are both doing incredibly well.

I expected that after Caelan’s birth I would be inspired to write epic posts here at Stop & Breathe.  And I am inspired.  I could write endlessly about the magic of childbirth, the instant love I felt for Caelan the moment he was born, how I’m in awe of the courage, strength and grace that Tracy showed in labor or the miracle of the human body creating life.  But I’m not going to take the time to write any of those posts – at least not today.  Right now, the most important thing to me is spending time with the two people I love most in this world.

So today, I will simply urge you to consider who the most important people are in your life and to connect with them.  Kiss them, hug them, spend time with them or if they’re far away, call and let them know what they mean to you.

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  1. Congratulations Jason! I’m so happy for you, and your beautiful wife Tracy and lovely new boy, Calen. Much love to all of you. So glad to hear everyone is doing so well. This is what it’s all about.

  2. Congratulations Jason!!!
    I’d love to see you posting regularly about all his milestones. I’d also like to know about his name… I mean, all the reasons behind calling him ‘Calen Ellwood Billows’.

    • Thanks!

      I’m sure Calen will figure prominently into my posts in the future.

      His first name is Gaelic. Calen means powerful warrior. I’m half Irish and both my wife and I a long time yoga practitioners (she actually owns a studio), so “powerful warrior” also has some meaning to us in a yogic sense. When practicing the warrior series in yoga there is a constant goal of being powerful, yet graceful, compassionate and effortless in your posture. We hope that’s an approach Calen will take to life. Ellwood was my grandfather’s name. He was very important to me and helped to shape who I am today. Unfortunately he passed away over a decade ago. Giving Calen his name was a way to help create a connection between the two.

  3. Congrats Jason. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful family. Welcome to the world little Calen.

  4. aaah so beautiful! Congrats!
    Enjoy every precious moment!

  5. Wow! Congratulations, Jason. Your new Ironman journey is just beginning. 🙂

    • Thanks Leo. Yes, this is an Ironman of an entirely different kind. If I need some guidance along the way I’ll look to the ultra-parenting-Ironmen like yourself who are doing it with six children. 🙂

      I hope you and Eva are enjoying your vacation… and the maple syrup.

  6. Awesome! Congrats to all of you… just make sure you Stop and Breathe 🙂

  7. Sweet…congrats guys! We’re all so happy and proud of you guys an welcome to the world little warrior! I hope Deuce made the 10 top boys names at least?? Looking forward to seeing you guys soon…let us know if we can bring a meal to you.


  8. Congratulations… life really gets interesting now. I hope he brings you as much joy as my children have brought me.

    • Thanks, Mick!

      He’s certainly got us head over heels in love with him. What an amazing experience already.

      Thanks for stopping by to send your congratulations. Once life settles down a bit (if it does, lol) I’ll enjoy getting back to reading your blog regularly.

      Take care.

  9. Jason, I was interested to see how your first choice for spelling of his first name was “Caelan” (much better) and then after the first person ignorantly got it wrong you have answered a question using the new spelling “Calen”.
    I only point it out as I am about to have a child and wonder if after that first post you decided to change it.

    • Jason Billows |

      Hi Stone.

      It’s funny how it all played out…. My wife and I had agreed that we loved the name, but never discussed how to spell it. After he was born and we were filling out the paperwork for his birth certificate we had to suddenly decide on a spelling, which we decided would be Calen. But when people started mispronouncing his name, we realized how easily it could be read in different ways and so decided to change the spelling to Caelan. We didn’t mind much ourselves, but thought he’d appreciate not having to constantly correct people his entire life.

      Congratulations on your new baby. When is he/she due to arrive?

    • Ecnoomies are in dire straits, but I can count on this!


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