Have You Tended To Your Nest?

My first child is due to arrive in just four days.  Throughout the pregnancy I have been amazed with the transformation my wife has undergone.  There was the expected physical change, but the most fascinating for me were the emotional and instinctual changes. 

This past weekend my wife suddenly requested that I organize every closet in our home while she cleaned all of the baseboards.  We already have a fairly minimalist home, so this took un-cluttering and cleaning to the next level.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  After all, my wife is nesting.

Nesting instinct is common to most animals, including humans.  It is an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare your home for a new baby.  But it goes beyond simply cleaning.  Nesting urges you to tie up loose ends, organize your life and even find closure to unresolved personal issues.  It’s a primal need to create the type of lifestyle and environment that best supports a baby’s physical and emotional needs.  And those nesting instincts don’t just benefit a newborn baby.  They can benefit all of us.

This week I urge you to let your nesting instincts take over.  How can your home and lifestyle best serve your most important physical and emotional needs?  Consider the following:

1. When you look around your home does it calm or stress you?  Maybe it’s time you de-cluttered.  Here are some practical tips to help.

2. Are there any relationships you’ve been neglecting?  Take the time to connect with those people most important to you.

3. Has a busy work schedule created stress for you or your family?  Perhaps it’s time to consider how work is affecting your life.  Read more

4. Do you treat yourself with love and compassion?  Maybe you need to eat healthier, exercise or just take the time to stop and breathe.

We all experience more fulfilling lives when we take the time to focus on the people and things that support our most important physical and emotional needs.  Use your nesting instinct to help create a fulfilling life.

How do you tend to your nest?  Do you have nesting stories from your pregnancy?

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